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Santa Clara County Branch News 2023

National League of American Pen Women

Santa Clara Branch News

Winter 2023 Celebrating 101 years 1922 to 2023



Luanna K. Leisure President Newsletter Editor/ Publisher

This is Us

A sisterhood of talented women who are dedicated to their craft and to sharing their passion

I didn’t write the above statement, but I did read it on our website. Do check out our National Website. Scroll through the pages and read about pen women from across the United States. Submit your poetry, articles, and enter contests.

We are a sisterhood. We are all different, but when it comes to our creativity and passion for the arts, we are all the same.

Right now we have 59 members in our Santa Clara County Branch. We have four members in Music, and the rest are close to half Art members and half Letters members. Several have duel membership in Letters and Art. Two of our music members have their credentials in Letters.

Some branches are composed mainly of Art or Letters members. We are a diverse branch of creatives. We applaud each other, and are always encouraging. We network, and support each other in our different disciplines. What an awesome group of ladies. I am so overjoyed to be a part of the talented, Santa Clara County Branch of the National League of American Pen Women.



Greetings Pen Women,

As your Outreach Chair, my goal is to reach out to other branches in the coming months. This is a great opportunity to engage with other creative professional talent. Healthy branches thrive when our members are engaged. I encourage all of you to invest in new members. Student members bring fresh ideas as well as seasoned creative women who are looking for an organization such as ours. I also have determined that I will seek out other interesting presentations that might cap- ture your interest.

Dorothy Atkins

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