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ShaRon Haugen

THIS month we are highlighting one of our long standing existing members.our treasurer, ShaRon Haugen.


ShaRon is a gifted artist.  "Paint it all" is what she really does.  She enjoys painting and works primarily in oils and scratchboard of animals.  She spent her early years on a farm where hard work was the norm. Living in the country inspired her to paint lonely old barns and buildings of rural areas.  Later she became fascinated with history of the Wild West and Indians. She became a professional artist in 1975 and has had several awards.  Last year, her painting Old Man took Best in Show at the Coastal Art League.


She is truly a purpose driven member.  Part of the Santa Clara County branch since 1972 ShaRon has served in every officer capacity except Membership Chair.  She manages the Santa Clara County Branch finances and is one of the primary go to’s behind the celebrity luncheon.  For years we have gathered at her place for meetings and to put together the celebrity raffle baskets.  ShaRon donates her printer and supplies for the invitations and stores the extra raffle items. Her entire garage is pretty well taken with Pen items.  Recently ShaRon has been in charge of ironing out the details of accepting our departed member, Judy Bingman’s donation of her art and trailer.  This has been going on for over a year and we are pleased to say there is a light at the end of the tunnel!


When dues come around, ShaRon is not only in charge of collecting but also of the reports that go into our main office.  ShaRon turned 80 this year and doesn't let anything slow her down. Even  battling some personal trials she always is on top of things making sure that the Branch I’s are dotted and T’s  are crossed!  She's a no-nonsense gal when it comes to business but we all have enjoyed her sense of humor and stories of "Pink" growing up.

Thank you ShaRon for all that you do for the Santa Clara County Branch! 

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