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Lorraine Gabbert

Another multi-talented woman joins the Santa Clara County Branch. Welcome Lorraine Gabbert!


Joining in Letters, Lorraine is an  experienced magazine and newspaper writer, skilled in journalism and photography.  


She has worked in broadcasting at ABC in New York, NY, doing graphics for Good Morning America, 20/20, news briefs and soaps and as a production coordinator for South Bay Accent, a lifestyle magazine.  She has written articles for South Bay Accent, San Jose Magazine, Bay Area Parent, b.a.b.y. as well as the San Jose Mercury News.


This  busy lady is currently a freelance writer/photographer for San Jose Spotlight, a dynamic, nonprofit news organization, covering politics, business and health.  She splits her time being a senior staff writer/photographer for the Almaden Times, a nonprofit neighborhood newspaper, covering politics and community news. Needless to say she has had her hands full lately!


In addition to writing and photography,  Lorraine is passionate about painting and mixed media. ” I lose myself in creating, from small (4 ½” x 5 ½”) themed mixed media books to 12” x 12” painted canvasses and everything in-between. Using ink, acrylic paint, encaustic, and pastels with stencils, stamps, printed paper and gel prints, I let my imagination lead me.”  Lorraine’s mixed media collages are creative and compelling and needless to say the branch looks forward to Lorraine leading us in a workshop where she shares her talents! 

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