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Introducing new student member
Genevieve Liu 

Some of us met Genevieve at the Pen picnic and had the opportunity to  see what a delightful young woman she is.

Read on as Genevieve shares some of her goals:

My main goal in life is to make an impact on this world, ideally with my art. I want to explore every type of art that can help me express myself more clearly more and more, to the point where I’m satisfied. Art to me has always been about communication and point of view, no matter what level, media, and skill. In my opinion, the most cold art is photorealistic with no flair, no style, no impact on the memory of the viewer. I want to be remembered. I want my art to make people think. I don’t want to end up in the category of being purchased for social class recognition. I just want to be me and be seen as such.

My real art studies began in high school. I took all four years of on level art classes. During that time I learned the basics and how to be creative. During my junior and senior year, I took photography. In those classes I learned how to express myself even more. I feel the medium is more flexible to show off what I was trying to portray without worrying about every tiny detail. Between those two years, I took three classes at the Academy of Art in San Francisco for a month at their pre-college program. There I learned character design, visual design, and photography. I had the best experience with photo. My teacher really put me out of my comfort zone and I actually got to use a real studio and equipment. I felt the possibilities were endless and fun.

I have some awards in the arts. During my senior year, I submitted an AP Art portfolio, half of it showing a story about growing up and another of my breadth. I got a perfect score of five out of five. I also submitted one of my pieces from that portfolio to an art contest where I won and was put into a small exhibit in the San Jose International Airport. The minor, less important awards is my art being shown in the CUHSD Art Shows over the years. The high school art teachers choose which student’s works are displayed for the school district to see.

I’m attending college at University of Hawaii starting Fall 2021, majoring in art. I have no clue what I’m planning to do with my future career. I’ve always been into portraits and traditional media. Nowadays, my current art has been more abstract. Lots of meaningless lines on a page that create what I like to describe as early film sets. Each piece doesn’t exactly have meaning, though I think it comes from how I feel about myself which is that I just exist in this

universe. My hope is that these doodles become successful, because I think it’s the only profitable art pieces I’ve ever created. I would like to explore more of this new genre of art!

Welcome Genevieve! We look forward to interacting with you in the future and watching your progress towards a successful career!

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