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Luanna Leisure

Dorothy Atkins:

I want to nominate Luanna Leisure for the spotlight and here is why.  Luanna brings such a positive energy and a can do attitude to our branch.  As our President, she has brought our branch full circle in connecting our members and focuses on including everyone.  She has a delightful way of gently nudging our members to become more involved.  She sees the entire picture of how it can work and how it can help make Pen Women more recognizable. Recently she took over an additional role of Membership Chair and has included members from every branch to get fired up about membership.  Her goals include obtaining new members and nurturing our more seasoned members.  She does not hesitate to ferry members to our meetings when we were meeting in person in order for them to attend.  As a publisher, she has also helped quite a few of our members experience the thrill of having their own books printed. Luanna, provides a much needed bulletin of member events and makes sure we are always informed.  She loves her role as President and Membership Chair and considers it an honor to lead our branch.  She is detailed and organized and lends that talent to others always sharing ways to make Pen Women better.  We are lucky to have such a inspirational leader."  


Thank you Luanna for your dedication to our branch and congratulations on the July Spot light!

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