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The National League of American Pen Women SANTA CLARA COUNTY BRANCH are pleased to offer scholarships in three categories:  ART, LETTERS, AND MUSIC COMPOSITION(/Arrangement/performers)  We are a non profit group that believes in supporting young women further their education, or returning college students of any age.  


2018 Scholarship Awards Competition

Applicants must be females in either high school (graduating in 2018), undergraduate college students or returning college students of any age and must reside in Santa Clara County, California or immediate adjacent Bay Area counties.

Please submit the following items to the appropriate addresses listed on the back of this page by Deadline: March 3, 2018.

  1. A personal letter from the applicant which describes her (A) achievements and (B) goals. Include in this letter your (C) educational goals (D) the college you plan to attend in the fall of 2017 and 5) your major.

  2. Official, sealed school transcripts (GPA of 2.5 or higher.)

  3. A letter of recommendation from a teacher, professor or counselor. If a teacher/professor, preferred in the field for which you are applying.

  4. Samples of your work. May be submitted in the format of your choosing. Examples:

    1. Art: May include but not limited to Fine Arts, Painting, Sculpture, Digital Art and Photography. May send as photos/digital/digital uploads of the originals of your artwork. Must provide a portfolio of a minimum of six works of art.

    2. Music: Composers/Arrangers and Performers of any age.

      1. Composers/Arrangers: Need to send “scores.” May send them as copies (no

        originals) or as pdfs (online). Also send audio. Needs to be CDs or MP3s if

        sending an audio link online.

      2. Performers: Need to send CDs or MP3 files or links on-line of yourselves

        performing Classical, Romantic or Contemporary compositions.

    3. Writing: Writers or Journalists. Send six copies of original written works. May include but not limited to Short Stories, Poetry, Prose, etc.

  5. The completed application form on the back of these instructions: PLEASE PRINT APPLICATION ON THE BACK

Application Form
National League of American Pen Women

2017 Scholarship Award Competition Deadline: March 3, 2018

Please Print and submit with the required items listed on the front of this application.

Name: _______________________________________________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________________________________________ City: _________________________________________________________Zip:___________________ Phone: _________________________________ Cell Number: ________________________________ E-Mail: _____________________________________________________________________________ Age: _________________ Date of Birth: __________________________________________________ High School or College Attending Now: __________________________________________________ High School District: __________________________________________________________________ Major, Intended Major or Field of Study for the fall of 2018: ________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________

Category: (check one) Art/Photography: ___________ Music: ___________ Writing: ____________ Submit your portfolios to the Committee in your appropriate category listed below by MARCH 3rd 2018 

A  Art

B  Music

C  Literary

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